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This site depicts hardcore BDSM adventures with submissive women in various types of bondage. You’ll see some truly creative, imaginative and intense BDSM scenes.

In 1981, they advertised for a new lead singer, ultimately auditioning and choosing Christopher Hamill , who then went under the stage name Limahl (an anagram of his surname). The name of the group was then changed to Kajagoogoo , coined by phonetically writing out a baby's first sounds, which gave them 'GagaGooGoo' – and with a minor alteration, it became 'Kajagoogoo'. [2]

Use Kaja 'Cola Zero-One to free Ace, Izzy, Gobber, and 6 Goblin Survivors or Kezan Citizens. A level 1 The Lost Isles Quest. +250 reputation with Bilgewater Cartel

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