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Covered by Polly Gibbons

Tucker's follow-up release, "Long Tall Shorty", was less successful. Nevertheless, musicians that played on his albums included Louisiana Red , Willie Dixon and Donny Hathaway .

It was the worst wreck in Memphis since 1945: eight children were orphaned. Tucker fled from the scene, then phoned his manager, Eddie Bond, who advised him to find a lawyer. Not even OJ Simpson's legal team could have kept Tucker out of jail, but he was out in less than a year. RCA dropped him, and the memory of that October night exacted a penalty that the courts did not. Tucker recorded again (including a cover of You Don't Love Me for Stan Kesler's X-L Records issued under the pseudonym "Tommy Raye" to avoid conflict with the Tommy Tucker who had cut Hi-Heel Sneakers), but never fulfilled his early promise . On March 17, 1985, he fell sleep with a lighted cigarette in his hand. His apartment caught fire, and he died of smoke inhalation.

Tommy Tucker Long Tall ShortyTommy Tucker Long Tall ShortyTommy Tucker Long Tall ShortyTommy Tucker Long Tall Shorty