Disrupters playing with fire - Hollywood s New Digital Disrupters: 15 Rising Crossover.

When consumer needs and competitive landscapes are rapidly evolving, it’s no longer possible to craft a long-term strategy, assign responsibility and performance targets, and execute a three- to five-year plan. “Agile” methods successfully pioneered in software development at companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter have shown real advantages through learning by doing, rapidly and frequently delivering working products inspired by real consumer needs, developing innovative delivery methods and value propositions, and adapting to changing requirements.

The Patriots don't yet know whom among the Chiefs, Titans and Bills they'll face in the next round of the playoffs, but here's a look at each.

"I'm still sticking with my 30 number. Because we know this is going to blow up, I'm gonna say 30," Carr said laughing when asked how many sacks Mack could earn. "That's if he doesn't get held ... if they start calling the holdings, if they start calling them like they should -- I'm saying 30."

Disrupters Playing With FireDisrupters Playing With FireDisrupters Playing With FireDisrupters Playing With Fire