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Another complication is that sometimes two different names can appear to be the same one, being similar in sound, but different in origin. The fairly common name of Collins is an example of this. It comes from an Irish clan name, but it is also one of several English surnames derived from the personal name Nicolas .

If you’re interested and would like to attend a training session, for a taster, contact Andy on 07866 107579 or email [email protected]

Commanding and yet still graceful, Moore played 108 times for his country and every minute of each of those. He also captained West Ham for a decade.

Arthur Goodhugh kept the Saturday runs going during World War 2, continuing to meet post war at South Park Road, Maidstone, a favourite tea stop being Southborough Wheelers idyllic rural clubroom at Hildenborough, where they regaled us with superb homemade teas. One engaging character was club BAR Frank Ford, who, before every clubrun, would light up a very thin rollup and keep it going for the duration of the ride, much to the amusement of us youngsters!

In the late 50s the Fairies held a run from Maidstone to Herne Hill track on Good Fridays, a round trip of about 60 miles, invariably completed on a single fixed gear of 72 inches.
Parking at the Hill was a nightmare, as was finding your bike afterwards, as thousands of machines were stacked against the perimeter fence, 10 deep.
However, the return trip on traffic free roads was magical, and a happy memory which I still cherish. Looking back up Wrotham Hill one could see a long line of Kentish cyclists descending in the dark, hundreds of front lamps twinkling in the gloom. We shall never see the like again.

Similarly, on Whit Monday, there was a trip to the grass track at Faversham, climbing Hollingbourne Hill, one of the steepest cols in the North Downs, again on a single fixed, cape stowed behind the saddle in the obligatory Walls ice cream poster, or, for the very lucky ones, Lyons Maid. On reaching the track, the competitors would discard mudguards, saddlebag, front brake, and reverse the rear wheel for a track sprocket before setting off on a practice lap. After a hotly contested event- no quarter given in grass track events!- the club would wait impatiently whilst the machines were reassembled, then debate how to get the prizes back to Maidstone by bike. Silver trays were easy, but china teasets posed a problem.
Clubruns are still held on Saturdays and Sundays, with up to 100 riders of various levels in 7 groups on a Saturday. During the 1960s and 70s, the clubroom was the cellar of Nora and Pete( 100 this year) Avis, and the club continues to meet every Tuesday night.

Time trialling has always been strong, especially in the Kent . Ladies’ and Mens’ Championships, Roy Manser finished 6th and 13th in the BBAR in the 60s and jointly held the national 10 mile tandem record. Carole Gandy was Womans’  BBAR, won the national 100 mile championship, and holds several joint tandem records with Geoff Hodgson.
Ian Silvester won the national 12 hour championships promoted by the Fairies, and Roly Crayford has 3 golds in the Worlds Masters track championships.

Promising youngsters are junior MTB champion Katherine Hibberd, and roadman Ian Field. However, despite racing successes, and being the biggest club in Kent with 400 members, including members now living in the Midlands, the Fairies are still a community club, promoting many events in all disciplines, including the annual Maidstone Fun Bike Day, Easyrider runs for novices, and Go Ride sessions  for children as young as 5.

In 2007, the visit of the Tour de France to Kent saw the Fairies involved with the media in promoting the event and cycling. One stalwart who deserves mention is Pat Hill who regularly produces a monthly magazine “The Milestone” which would be the envy of most clubs. The Fairies are 90 in March 2012, and, with a dedicated band of club officials and a thriving membership, a further 90 years are confidently predicted!
Mike Baker, Bromsgrove, Jan. 2011. With permission to use material and images from S F A C C

The most recognizable type of story. A 'character's watch the movie' type fic. You know all of those story's out there? Their weren't any before I started. Congrats, you just found the original.

…[the entity] was among the first to set the records that are yet to be discovered or yet to be had of those activities in the Atlantean land, and for the preservation of data that is yet to be found from the chambers of the way between the Sphinx and the pyramid of records.

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